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Sjögren's Syndrome relief with dry eye glasses

Sjögren’s Syndrome | Dry Eye Glasses

Sjögren’s Syndrome relief with dry eye glasses

One of the most common types of Dry Eye conditions we see in our showroom is Sjögren’s Syndrome. Sjögren’s Syndrome effects the immune system and one of the conditions is dryness of the Eyes, Mouth and Skin. Whilst we can’t offer a cure, we can hopefully offer relief in the form of Moisture Chamber Glasses. At UK Eyewear we have been providing daytime relief from this condition for over 14 years. The glasses we offer are designed to restore as normal a life as possible, trips to the shops, gardening return to work by sealing your eyes from Air conditioning systems or blown warm air. We have a wide range of frame in both prescription and none prescription in a range of sizes and colours for both men and women. If you need further help or advice, don’t hesitate to call.

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