safety glasses prescription

Prescription Safety Glasses

Bolle Blast prescription safety goggles
Optical Insert

Leader model 220 in black with side shield protection
EN 166

leader 210 in black Leader model 210
2 Colours

light weight frame with side shields in black
OG 138

Medical safety eyewear for the laboratory with side splash outs
more Colours and sizes

Prescription Safety Glasses
Mens Stainless Steel

Unisex OG 093

Ladies Protective Spectacles
Ladies OG 092

Hilco OG 71
Removeable side sheilds

Hilco OG 71
Large lens frame

Hilco OG 043
Budget price frame

OG 220

Dixon TAC
Dixon TAC-RX Safety

interchangeable lenses

Protective Glasses with optical insert

Cheap eye protection for the work place
Great Offer

Magnetic Reading Glasses
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

Dixon RXG low profile goggles
low profile goggle

TAC-RX FogFree

more Colours and sizes

Windproof seal

Medical Safety glasses

Prescription Safety Glasses

British Standards Certificates and approval on selected models

We are offer trade prices on all our prescription safety glasses. You might ask yourself what prescription safety glasses and medical eyewear doing on a sports eyewear web site. The fact is sports and safety frames and lens requirements are very similar, the lenses are made from high impact materials and the goggles and glasses are built to the same mechanical strength.

Both need to with stand an impact whether it’s from a squash ball or a piece of debris on a building site. What we have tried to do is change people’s perception of protective eyewear. Long gone are the days of the big and uncomfortable safety goggles. Instead we aim to offer functional and fashionable frames for the office, lab and shop floor whilst still fully complying with British Safety Standards (BSI). We offer Safety eyewear that can be worn as part of your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) but wouldn't look out of place if worn socially. Our professional range come CE marked and our lenses are manufactured to EN166 2002 standard for personal eye protection. Compliant frames are delivered complete with a BSI safety certificate.

Our team are experts in the world of PPE including a fully qualified optometrist. Our aim is to provide an internet experience where all of the clutter has been removed we select for you the right frame and lenses. If we are claiming to be the experts, then we shouldn’t expect the customer to have to make all the confusing choices. We have carefully selected a condensed range of eyewear that covers a wide range of working environments for both men and women. Where we differ from most internet companies and high street operations is that once the order is placed everything is done in house.

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