Cycling sunglasses

The sport of  cycling has grown tremendously over the last few years. You’ll have seen Mark Cavendish and others who all appreciate the importance of the right eyewear. The truth is that eyewear is not only beneficial for your sight it can also provide you with important protection. Remember glasses will be near your eyes, combine that with an ability to crash and you'll see why you don't simply want any old sunglasses. Be sure that the cycling glasses you choose have shatter proof materials. Your cycling glasses should help protect you from the UV rays from the sun. The misconception is that these rays are only bothersome on sunny days. The UV rays can also be present on cloudy days and are a main source of squinting and eye fatigue or strain. Good cycling glasses can protect your eyes. Your eyewear most fit snugly, but not be too tight for long rides, chooses a rap-round style for good peripheral vision, the half rim gives good downward vision.