womens sports sunglasses

Womens prescription sports glasses Adidas - Oakley - Julbo - Uvex

Ladies Progressor Splice
Cylindrical LST Lens

Ladies Chubasco
Includes Prescription Lenses

Adidas Backland AD80
Cylindrical Blue Mirror Lens

2 Lens System | All Weather

Oakley Flight Deck with Prizm Rose lens
Fire iridium mirror ens

Ladies High Res in pink with low light lens
Low light Hi Res Yellow Lens

Ladies Sports Glasses
Light reacting lenses

tennis glasses
Comes with retaining strap

Oakley Fives in white
Wrap Around Frame

Blue Leader Circuit Wrap Around Design
Unisex RX Available in Black

Element RX

ladies sports glasses 1
Women's RX

Ladies OTG
Uvex Comanche Pola White

Womens prescription sports glasses Adidas - Oakley - Julbo - Uvex

Womens prescription sports glasses

Our ladies prescription sports glasses come in two options. In the top right corner of the image you will see either a red or blue indicator of the type of glazing for the individual frame.

The red indicator "direct glazed” means the lens in the picture come out and are replaced with custom made prescription lenses. The blue indicator "insert glazed” is when the prescription is fitted into an optical insert that mounts to the back of the frame. The benefits of optical inserts are that they normally will cost less and often come with extra frame lenses for different light conditions. One prescription lens allow you to look through changeable colour filters.

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