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Adidas Zonyk Pro
Light Sensitive Lens

Prescription Sports Glasses from Adidas Zonyk in white with blue mirror lens
Light Sensitive Lens

Evil Eye Evo Pro with Vario lenses
Matt Black Glow 193/194

Evil Eye Pro with Vario Lens
Evil Eye Pro a199

Adidas Evil Eye Evo Pro Cycling Sunglasses
Crystal Matt 193

Uvex 109 Vario
Light Sensitive Lenses

Uvex 109 Black/Green Jade lenses
3 Interchangeable lenses

Sportstyle 109
3 Interchangeable lenses

Prescription Mountain Bike Glasses
Colourvision Lenses

Progear racer in white with blue mirror lenses
Direct prescription

Direct prescription | More colours

Direct prescription

Direct glazed frame

Oakley Cycling glasses
Prescription inc.

Choice of Interchangeable lenses

+6 to - 8 powers

Interchangeable lenses

Blue Leader Circuit Wrap Around Design
Unisex RX Available in Black

Ladies Sports Glasses
Light reacting lenses

Cheapest Prescription Sports Glasses Online
Special Price

Sunglasses Dixon RX 3
Fire Iridium Wrap Lens

Prescription MX Goggles with optical insert in black frame clear lens
Rip 'N' Roll

Classic Retro Styling

Prescription MX Goggles with optical insert in black frame clear lens
Clear lens tear off

Oakley Prescription MX Goggles
Fire Iridium lens - tear off

prescription glasses for motorcycle riding uk
Includes Prescription Lenses

Prescription Motorcycle Goggles Retro
Classic Styling

Flip Up Inc. 3 lenses

Uvex 109 with interchangeable lenses
Comes with 3 pairs lenses
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UK Eyewear offers a comprehensive range of optically corrected eyewear. We have carefully selected the range to meet the needs of the road cyclist mountain biker or extreme off road cyclist. We offer two types of prescription glazing. Direct glazed (when the prescription lens is fitted directly into frame) indicated by the red flag in the corner of the images below and Insert Glazed (when the prescription lenses are mounted into an optical insert that is mounted to the back of the frame) indicated by the blue flag in the corner of the images below. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Insert glazed Advantages: are that the cost less, You can select a frame with an interchangeable lens feature the different coloured lenses will cater for different light condition at a low price point.

Insert glazed Disadvantages: are that the optical insert prescription lens aperture is smaller, reducing your peripheral vision. We would recommend you select the anti-fog coating particularly for winter use. The insert has to been removed for cleaning or changing lenses, takes longer.

Direct glazed Advantages: Superior optical clarity, better cosmetic appearance larger choice of colour, filters and mirror.

Direct glazed Disadvantages: They cost more, unless you select the prescription photochromic lens option you will need different prescription lenses for changing light condition and that can get expensive