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Choosing the right sports Sunglasses Goggles is essential to ensure a fantastic pastime canít be spoilt by spray and wind preventing you from seeing well. The things you should consider are: Will you be submerged in the water, salt water can irritate your eyes, consider watertight goggles. Will you be constantly be splashed by water, the Manteray have been specifically designed for this. Where ever water is involved in your sport we recommend Polarized lenses, water will reflect like a mirror creating glare, nothing kills glare like a polarized lens. The Pro-Lites with Polarized or Revo lenses are great general purpose water sport eyewear. We have glasses for fishing, Jet Skiing, Yachting sailing. We sell goggles for White water rafting, Kayaking and swimming and a specialist range of water sports eyewear for Windsurfing, Canoeing, Kitesurfing, Para_sailing and Rowing. See our competition eyewear for triathlon and biathlon events.