cycling glasses

How to choose the right cycling glasses

Getting the right cycling glasses is very important, they provided both vision and protection. So how do you choose the right cycling glasses for you?

Cycling Frames

The cycling frames job is simply to hold the lens in from of your eyes so if you have an allegiance to a particular brand, go with that. Our advice would be to stick with the big names in cycling eyewear Adidas, Oakley, Uvex etc.

Cycling frame style

We would recommend you go for a wraparound style. This will direct the movement of air away from your eyes, preventing tears. The cycling frame shouldn’t fit to close to the face. Gaps above the cheekbone and temples will help to balance the air temperature on the inside and outside of the frame reducing the risk of misting.

Cycling lenses

Well, regardless of whether you need prescription lenses are not, it’s all about the lens filter. Being able to see in all light condition is essential. One way to ensure you have a lens that is appropriate to the light condition of the day is to go for a cycling frame with interchangeable lenses. Ideally, you would have Cat 1, Cat 2 and a Cat 3 lens options. Another option is to go for a Variomatic lens (photochromic) a lens that reacts to light. That way whether the day is dull or bright and sunny the single lens will control the amount of light passing through the lens. 

Finally, we have a showroom in Manchester with over 450 frames on display. We have assembled some of the best prescription cycling glasses from the major cycling eyewear manufacturers. You are welcome to come along and try on the frames first hand and be offered expert advise. You can also take advantage of our fitting service were we adjust frames to give you the perfect fit.

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