Measure Your PD

Dear Customer First, we would like to thank you for your prescription eyewear order. However important information has been missed off your order that prevents us from completing the work. The prescription lenses will already be underway but we require a PD (Pupil Distance) measurement to complete the order. There are 3 ways to acquire the PD value we need: 1. You could call the opticians who did the last eye test. 2. You could get a friend or member of the family to measure the PD for you. We recommend you try to use someone who is used to making accurate measurements, an engineer or joiner for example. 3. We will measure the PD for you. We will require you to forward to us a headshot (picture) of the person who the eyewear is for. The said person should be holding a credit sized card UNDER their nose, touching their lip, like an imaginary mustache. The credit card allows us to scale the size of the face and from that, we can accurately measure the distance between the person's pupils.