Therapeutic Glasses FAQs

  • Photophobia Glasses for Light Sensitivity

    Photophobia Glasses with FL-41 filter

    Are you sensitive to light? Do you suffer with: Migraine headaches Blepharospasm Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) Sensitivity to fluorescent lighting Motion sickness Nighttime driving discomfort People who suffer from Photophobia (sensitivity to light) can get relief wearing the right frame and lens combination. Simply blocking more light by using darker and darker lenses isn’t the answer. It […]

  • Wind proof glasses

    Dry eye glasses with moisture chambers

    At UK eyewear we offer a number of eyewear products to help to give relief to sufferers of dry eyes (DES). Our eyewear is available in prescription and none prescription form. So what is Dry Eye? If you have sandy, gritty irritated eyes or burning eyes and these symptoms get worse as the day goes […]

  • 7 Eye Briza

    Dry Eye Glasses Offer Relief To Blepharitis Suffers

    Do you suffer from Blepharitis? At UK Eyewear we have a range of glasses that give day time relief to a number of medical conditions. One of them being Blepharitis or MGD (Meibomian Gland Deficiency). There are a number of very unpleasant symptoms that come with Blepharitis. One condition is your eyes become very sensitive […]

Computer Glasses

See our range of computer glasses with Vista Mesh filters

Migraine Glasses

See our range of Migraine glasses with FL-41 filters

Dry Eye glasses

See our range of Dry Eye glasses with moisture chamber seals