Cylindrical v Spherical Ski Goggle Lenses

Ski Goggles what is the best lens filter and is it Cylindrical or Spherical lenses

Good vision is one of the most important things when taking part in any sport. None more so than Skiing, being able to judge the undulations in the surface of the snow is what keeps you upright. Not being able to see well never ends pretty. There are 3 parts to choosing a ski goggle. See our full range of goggles HERE

Size and Fit: today you can buy goggles in many different sizes. We have 5 different sizes on our site, ranging from sledging goggles for babies. 3 sizes of junior goggles a ladies range and comprehensive range of unisex and men’s goggles

Lens filter: Getting the right filter is important; you need to be able to see well in both bright and dull conditions. The fact is that light conditions can change very quickly high in the mountains. You can get a single lens that can change with the different light conditions. At UK eyewear we offer 2 options a photochromic lens and the Uvex LCD lens that changes from bright to dull conditions in just the blink of an eye. These types of lens are the most expensive and if you ski well and regularly they are a great choice. The next level is a 2 lenses system, a single mask frame with 2 different lenses to select from. Again we offer a choice we offer the Adidas Progressor with its 2 pod system and the Red Bull Magnetron