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FL-41 Migraine Glasses Centre Manchester

FL-41 37616 is a category 2 lens with an ABS of 50%, all our FL-41 lenses also have a 100% UV filter. FL-41 works by blocking certain colours namely blues and greens. The wavelength filtered by FL-41 was first described in a research project that took place by Birmingham in England in the early 90s. In this study, people with migraine headaches wore FL-41-filtered lenses. The researchers found that wearing the FL-41 filter helps patients who suffer from migraine headaches, blepharospasm (eyelid spasms), light-triggered seizures, CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) and other light-sensitive/triggered conditions, eyestrain, and tension headaches. It is thought that indoor lighting LED and other white lighting contains flickering blue light. This filter blocks about 80% of that component. If the add the addition blue blocker the percentage increases to 98%

Recent research tested FL-41 filtered lenses, head-to-head, against conventional grey sunglasses and standard, rusty-rose-tinted spectacles.  Notably, the majority of patients prefer wearing FL-41-filtered spectacles. Glasses with the specialised wavelength treatment are available in a range of frames from UK Eyewear. Need help or advice, then don’t hesitate to contact us.