All you need to know about your Eye Test – Frame & Lenses

The thought of placing an order online for prescription glasses or goggles may seem a little daunting, It doesn’t need to be.  At UK Eyewear we aim to make the process as simple and uncomplicated as possible. If at any time you are unsure about any part of the order process, simply call us and we will talk you through it.

Attaching your Eyetest to the order… You don’t need to understand your eye test to place an order with us. You can simply upload your details from a file on your computer and attach it to the order. If you are placing an order from a mobile or tablet. Simply take a picture of your Eye Test with your device, it will be attached to the order. Once we receive the order we will take all the information we need for you.

Manually Entering Your Eye Test… Should you prefer to enter the details of your Eye Test, we provide a text area as part of the order process. There you can enter the powers along with any other information you would like to make us aware of.  If you are going to enter the information yourself, here are the basics of what you need to know:

SPH (sphere) Please ensure that when you type your sphere value that you pay particular attention to choosing the correct + or – symbol.

CYL (cylinder) as above ensure you enter the correct + or – symbol.

AXIS (axis) is the value you enter ranging from 0 to 180°

ADD/NEAR only required if we are making prescription lenses that included close vision reading. If you have selected Vari-Focal or Bi-Focal (reading spot) lenses.

Prism & Base This value is only on a small number of prescriptions. If you have a prism, you will be aware of it. If not expect this box on your eye test to be empty.

PD (Pupillary distance) The distance between your eyes. If your PD is not on your Eye Test and you don’t understand what it is, then click HERE

Frame Width Another measurement that may concern you is the frame size “How do you know the frame will fit” click HERE

Don’t forget we are here to help, so if you are unsure about any aspect of Frame, Lenses or your Eye test. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that PRESCRIPTION SPORTS EYEWEAR is non-cancellable, non-returnable & non-refundable (unless faulty) and by electronically signing (ticking our T&Cs) our terms and conditions you are agreeing to be bound by these conditions.

ORDERING PRESCRIPTION EYEWEAR FOR SOMEONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 YEAR: We can only process prescription orders for anyone under the age of 16 if the order is in conjunction with a qualified optician. The order must be despatched directly to the optician for the eyewear to be dispensed in their presence. The optician may make a charge for their professional services.

TIMESCALES: The process of making prescription sports eyewear is far more complex than normal spectacles. The lenses angles, lens sizes and materials used means the manufacturing timescales are longer. You should allow 3 weeks from the time of order, any specialised coating can take longer.

PRODUCT IMAGES & LENS FINISHES: The product images and lenses are shown are there as a guild only. It is for the customer to select the prescription lens type colour and finish.