Ski Goggles and Glasses available with prescription lenses

Prescription Ski Goggles and Glasses available with and without prescription lenses

This section is related to prescription ski goggles and glasses. We offer a large range of prescription winter sports eyewear for the whole family. We sell Adidas, Oakley, Uvex, Julbo, Dixon and Leader, with both direct prescription lenses and inserts with prescription lens fitted. Prescription products not to miss, the latest Prizm lens technology from Oakley, the new 2019 Adidas Progressor Goggle and the Uvex Downhill our best value for money snow goggle. You will also see the new Prescription Julbo Explorer II and a range of OTG goggle. Help and advice is just a phone call away. Understanding the jargon used by ski goggle manufactures will help you find the right goggles for the right price. How much should you spend? Welll like anything else you get what you pay for. Spend as much as you can afford but take into account how much you are going to wear them. If you are going ski for the first time, don't spend much at all. You can buy ski goggles under £10 and complete with prescription lenses for as little as £80 but as a basic, you should buy a double lens goggle, which will help to prevent misting. Double lens goggles work much the same as a double-glazed widow reducing condensation. The biggest factor of a goggle is the lens and how much light it stops or let through. We quote this as LA (light absorption) the amount of light the lens filters out. The higher the number the darker the lens, a good quality pair of sunglasses will stop 80% of light (LA 80). Many people will ski in sunglasses for good weather but for dull or whiteout condition use a low light ski goggle with an amber or yellow lens. For safety, we recommend you wear a ski goggle for all weather conditions. In that case, you will need 2 pairs of goggle or goggles with interchangeable lens, tear-offs, a photochromic lens or LCD ski goggle. All our prescription goggles are helmet compatible. Should you require any assistance understanding your prescription, don't hesitate to contact us. See our handpicked selection of prescription ski goggles and prescription ski sunglasses below.

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