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    Sports Glasses UK As our name suggests we specialise in sports eyewear available in prescription and none prescription form. We believe all sports people need coordination, the ability to judge objects in space and distance over time. Having the optimum vision is the key and that’s exactly what we specialise in. We believe that just […]

  • New Cycling Glasses from Uvex

    Uvex Sportstyle 224 Prescription Cycling Glasses Uvex have always been know for the German quality of their sports frames. Well they have just introduced a new one and its Sportstyle 224. Uvex Sportstyle 224 colourvision is extremely versatile. The half frame design is perfect for cycling, running, or walking in the mountains. Adjustable nose pads and […]

  • Photochromic ski goggles review

    Before you think of buying a ski goggle this season, you must check this out the Aerospace Active. From Julbo the French Sports Eyewear manufacturer have just launched what is with doubt the best value for money ski goggle on the market at the moment. It’s perhaps the most versatile too, it reacts the all […]

  • Which is the best ski goggle?

    We believe Adidas is head and shoulders above the rest. Who makes the best prescription ski goggles? Adidas do, Why?… Well, Adidas is one of a very small number of ski goggle manufacturers that custom makes optical inserts for their goggles. The way the inserts mounts, it’s positioning and ease of removal, is the best […]

  • Cylindrical v Spherical Ski Goggle Lenses

    Ski Goggles what is the best lens filter and is it Cylindrical or Spherical lenses Good vision is one of the most important things when taking part in any sport. None more so than Skiing, being able to judge the undulations in the surface of the snow is what keeps you upright. Not being able […]