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Computer Glasses what are they and how do they work?

If you suffer from computer and office related eye strain (CVS) computer vision syndrome (CVS). It's normally caused by working at a computer for long periods of time. Or perhaps you are more affected by bright lights in the office, supermarket or shop floor. Are you dazzled or effected by these environments? does it trigger a headache or migraine, then you may be interested in this article.

 At UK Eyewear we have been working with Therapeutic glasses in prescription and none prescription for over 15 years. We have a Therapeutic glasses center in Manchester where you can experience the effects of the various filters we offer. We offer expert advice about what is the best filter to use, a fitting service, adjusting the frames so they fit perfectly. Our Therapeutic range includes Dry Eye glasses with moisture chambers, FL-41 filter glasses, Vista Mesh filter and from 2020 we will be opening a Meares-Irlen screening center. Our Computer Glasses use a technology called Vista Mesh.

 The special Vista Mesh lens is made up of a 5 layer filter system. The filter has a reflection-free HMAR coating to help reduce glare, a 90% LTF contrast filter for easier viewing and a unique V-M optical mesh to help with focus. If you are in your 20s or 30s and you think that you may be suffering from CVS the first thing you should do is get an eye test. Tell the optician that you work at a computer screen; it may be that you just require an intermediate correction to your vision. Whilst the exact mechanism of how this all works is not fully understood. Vista-Mesh has been proven to give significant and welcome relief to those with more sensitive vision systems.

 People whose lives are affected by a number of electronic-created afflictions, estimated at around 1% of the population. I guess the final question should be, will Vista Mesh glasses work for everybody? And the answer is, NO, we are all unique individuals and there are no guarantees we can offer. Vista Mesh works by organising the way in which the brain receives information. We also offer other technologies such as FL-41 that works by filtering out suspect colours that can cause similar issues. That why we offer a 30 days trial if you don't find a benefit using our therapeutic products. Simply put them back in the box and return them for a no quibble refund. If you live in are around the Manchester area, why not call in and see us HERE

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Blue-blocking driving glasses are specialized eyewear designed to minimize the impact of harmful blue light during nighttime driving. The lenses of these glasses are coated or tinted to selectively filter out a portion of the blue light spectrum emitted by oncoming headlights and electronic devices. Blue light can cause glare, eye strain, and discomfort, affecting a driver’s vision and concentration. By incorporating blue-blocking technology, these glasses aim to enhance visual comfort, reduce glare, and improve contrast on the road, ultimately promoting safer driving conditions. The lenses maintain color perception while addressing the specific challenges posed by nighttime illumination. For individuals who frequently drive in low-light conditions or experience discomfort from glare, blue-blocking driving glasses can be a valuable accessory for optimizing visual performance and ensuring a more relaxed and focused driving experience.