FL-41 Glasses

People who suffer from Photophobia, a sensitivity to light can get relief if they use the right frame and lenses. Simply blocking more light by using darker and darker lenses isn’t always the answer. It can actually make your vision worst particularly if you wear prescription lenses. Research back in the 1990s by Birmingham University found that by using certain filters in glasses they could dramatically reduce the risk of triggering patients migraine headaches, blepharospasm, light triggered seizures and CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). After extensive testing, the filter used was given the code FL-41. The filter works by blocking the blue and green in the ultra violet colour spectrum.

The Frame: The frame should be of a wrap-around design that follows the contour of your head. The side arms should be thick to ensure no light can pass through the side of the frame.

The Lenses: First the lenses should have a UVA & UVB filter be colour FL-41 and optionally polarised.

We would always recommend you seek the advice of your eye doctor (ophthalmologist) or GP before you make a purchase.