Which is the best prescription ski goggle?

We believe Adidas is head and shoulders above the rest.

Who makes the best prescription ski goggles? Adidas does, Why? Adidas is the only company that we are aware of that has designed a ski goggle and optical to work together. The insert fits perfectly in the frame with a single-point fix. It is the perfect distance from your eyes for optimum vision. The insert is shaped perfectly to fit the goggle, the insert has a small base curve which allows for high prescription lenses. The Adidas Backland comes with a choice of either Vario LST, Cat 1 to Cat 3, or the all-weather Cat 2 LST. Optically there is no better goggle on the market for prescription vision, goggle lens, and value for money.

  1. The Vario Tuned lens works for all-weather conditions
  2. Uses Adidas’s own optical insert for the best vision
  3. Represents great value for money

The Adidas Blackland Vari-Tuned prescription ski goggles