Therapeutic Lens Tints

Did you know you can get different colours of lens tints to help with medical conditions?

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at medical lens tints. A custom made tinted lens fitted into a pair of glasses that may help improve your day to day life, whilst living with an ocular medical condition. I think most of us have experienced putting on a pair of glasses that have dramatically change the way we view an image?

I mean a polarised lens for example that allows you to see past a reflective surface or a pair of 3D glasses at the cinema when an image on the screen reaches into the audience. So how does all this magic happen, well sorry to disappoint, there is no magic.

It’s the way the brain receives the transmitted signals (image information) via the optic nerve. The image is sent to the visual cortex of the brain and is then converted into image impulses that make up the image we see. So people who suffer from conditions like migraines, for example, a condition that has been proved to benefit from the FL-41 tint. By removing the harshness of certain colours, the brain is more relaxed with the image it sees. The end result is less intense, less frequent, or even stopping the symptoms completely.