Prescription mirror iridium lenses

What are prescription mirror iridium lenses? You start off with a base lenses usually grey (a grey lens doesn’t distort colours) then an extremely thin layer of titanium and silicon oxides is applied to the lens to give it a mirror finish. The mirror coat will add a further 3% light transmission and will repel the sun’s heat. We have all laid on a sunbed and found when we take off our glasses our eyes are all sweaty. The sunglass lens will reduce light but doesn’t stop heat, the mirror will greatly help. The mirror doesn’t reduce in any way the Ultra Violet protection of the lens.

Prescription polarised mirror lenses

We now offer mirror lenses with a polarised filter, giving you the best of both worlds. The polarising filter kills 95% of glare so you have all the protective and comfort features of a lens in one.

Available colours
Silver mirror
Red iridium
Blue Iridium