Ski glasses with interchangeable lenses

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Ski glasses with interchangeable lenses

Most people choose their eyewear by what looks the best with little or no thought for how they perform. Choosing the right eyewear is just as important as the rest of your equipment. Dixon Vermillion Revo ski Sunglasses look cool and have an interchangeable lens feature. They come as standard with very stylish Revo mirror lenses, that would normally carry high price premium. You can upgraded your Pro-Lite’s with a further 5 lenses options to suit all sports and weather conditions.
The Vermillion Revo distortion free lens coating comprises of extremely thin layers of titanium and silicon oxides which are applied and calibrated with great precision. The coating eliminates up to 97% of infrared rays the chief component of glare. It also processes rays in the blue spectrum to enhance colour and focusing. You will find that general vision is sharper, brighter with increased contrast between colours. The lens also filters out dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sun giving 100% protection from harmful UVA & UVB.

Not only is the lens great to look through but they are made from high pressure injected distortion free polycarbonate. The Pro-Lite SKI has a soft rubberized nose bridge for all day comfort and grip. The contoured frames also have rubber inserts for grip and are made from TR-90, a very strong material, but extremely light. The Pro-Lite Ski wrap-round styling, offers great peripheral vision.

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Quick guide in how to enter your prescription

SPH (sphere) Please ensure that when you select the power of your sphere from the drop down box that you pay particular attention to choosing the correct + or – value.

CYL (cylinder) as above ensure that when you select the power of your cylinder from the drop down box that you pay particular attention to choosing the correct + or – value.

AXIS (axis) is the value you enter from 0 to 180°

ADD/NEAR (addition) you need only enter a value here if you require a reading correction. If the lenses are not having a correction for reading, leave as NONE.

Prism & Base Type in the correction as it appears on your prescription. This value is not common to all prescriptions. If your prescription is blank leave the box empty.

PD (Pupillary distance) the distance between your eyes. You may have been given or measured your PD with a single number e.g. (64mm) If this is the case simply divide your measurement by 2 e.g. a 64mm PD becomes Right eye 32mm and Left eye 32mm.

For a more detailed understanding about your prescription read our advice. Understanding more about your prescription. If you require further help, contact us or email your prescription, or professionals will take the information we need for you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that PRESCRIPTION SPORTS EYEWEAR is non-cancellable, non-returnable & non-refundable (unless faulty) and by electronically signing (ticking our T&Cs) our terms and conditions you are agreeing to be bound by these conditions.

ORDERING PRESCRIPTION EYEWEAR FOR SOMEONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 YEAR: We can only process prescription orders for anyone under the age of 16 if the order is in conjunction with a qualified optician. The order must be despatched directly to the optician for the eyewear to be dispensed in their presence. The optician may make a charge for their professional services.

TIME SCALES: The process of making prescription sports eyewear is far more complex than normal spectacles. The lenses angles, lens sizes and materials used means the manufacturing time scales are longer. You should allow 3 weeks from the time of order, specialised coating can take longer.

PRODUCT IMAGES: The product images and lenses shown are there as a guild only. It is for the customer to select the prescription lens type colour and finish.

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