OTG Goggles Ski Sunglasses

Julbo Explorer 2 Cameleon
Cat 1 to Cat 4

Julbo Explorer 2 Matt Blue-Red
Stops 95% of light

Black wrap around sunglasses

Dixon TAC-Ski

Ski Sunglasses or Goggle
3 pairs of lenses | Last Few

Dixon Black Run

Cartina over glasses goggles
Discount Clearance Sale save 45%

Ski goggles for glasses wearers

UV3 106 Black

3 to 9 years

Dixon designer Ski

CAT 3 Glacier

BSG Photochromic

Ladies Comanche OTG Goggles
Ski goggles for glasses wearers

OTG Goggles Ski Sunglasses

Ski OTG Goggles - Sunglasses

Good ski sunglasses or goggles are essential. The glare off the snow exposes skiers to glare and harsh UV rays. A day on the slopes can be very miserable without decent eyewear especially in extreme weather conditions such as snow, sleet and dull days. Traditionally skiers wear goggles but you can also get multi-function eyewear. That is eyewear that looks like sunglasses, but work like a pair of goggles with interchangeable lenses for different light conditions. We recommend you look at the Oakley Wind jackets and the Dixon TACs if you feel that goggles are too large or give a claustrophobic feel.

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