Moisture Chamber Glasses for Dry Eye Syndrome

Dixon RX 2 for Dry Eye Sufferers
Look like sunglasses work like goggles

Foam Wind Proof Seal

moisture chamber glasses for dry eyes
Includes Prescription Lenses

Moisture Chamber Glasses

UK Eyewear offer a range of eyewear for suffers of dry eyes available in both prescription and none prescription form. Prescription Moisture Chamber Glasses are an old and often overlooked idea for relief in moderate to severe dry eye. They are mentioned in the DEWS report 2007 International Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS) report as being an evidence based treatment strategy. We have selected a range of frames each with different features but all have the ability to create a seal around the eye. The aim is to keep moisture IN and keep other irritants OUT. These glasses and goggles shouldn’t be treated as a cure, but as an effective evidence based treatment strategy. Alway consult your doctor