Photochromic snow goggles

Before you think of buying a ski goggle this season, you must check these out. The Aerospace Active. From Julbo the French Sports Eyewear manufacturer have just launched what is with doubt the best value for money photochromic ski goggle on the market at the moment.

With Aerospace, Julbo creates the first mask as comfortable as uphill and downhill! This mask is born from the observation of the riders during their approach steps before starting the virgin slopes. To prevent fogging during climbs, the SuperFlow System allows the screen to be moved forward for more ventilation while remaining perfectly protected from the sun’s rays. Added to this is the best of Julbo technologies: spherical screen and Minimalist Frame for an XXL field of view. Aerospace is available with all Julbo Photochromic Reactivated Screens: Zebra, Zebra Light, Cameleon, and Snow Tiger. A mask that will seduce those who want maximum ventilation during a beautiful day of skiing and no steam when they are stopped or in the bucket. A real comfort!

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  • Air Flow: All our helmets are ventilated by strategically placed holes and a specific mesh wicking away perspiration.
  • Protective cap: Removable cap protects against snow when the screen is in the open position on the Aerospace mask
  • Double spherical screen
  • REACTIV photochromic screen
  • Ventilated screen: Additional ventilation through the screen to prevent fogging.
  • Full silicone strap: Headband lined with a silicone band for a perfect fit.
  • Minimalist Frame: Very thin frame that provides an extra-wide field of vision from all angles. The view of the skier is cleared as much in lateral vision as in vertical vision.
  • Anatomical frame: Incisions on the frame for more flexibility.
  • Dual-density foam: Two layers of foam for optimal comfort for shock absorption.
  • SuperFlow System: Thanks to the SuperFlow System, the screen can be easily removed even with gloves and shifts forward to better manage heat and prevent fogging in climbs or when the skier releases heat.
  • Axis strap system: Headband on a pivot for better compatibility with the helmet.
  • Anti-fog treatment: The inside of the screen has a complementary anti-fog treatment.

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