How to choose the right ski goggles

How to choose the right ski goggles

Well firstly it depends whether the priority is function or fashion and if you are brand conscious. The fact is the market has moved a great deal in the last couple of years. Today it’s not the first names that you might think of that are doing the ski goggles and lens innovating.

The simple truth is that forget the name and forget the goggle. It is all about the goggle lens and getting the right lens for the light conditions of the day. Obviously the more elaborate the lens, the more expensive they are. So let’s start with basics, many people will take the view in good weather they will ski in sunglasses and only use a full ski goggle when the weather is bad or in low light white out conditions. I completely agree, if you are going to have one ski goggle, get one that is good in low light.

So a, low cost, low light ski goggle, there are 2 lenses you can choose. A Cat 1 Yellow lenses that will enhance light and make the weather conditions look brighter. The disadvantage with this lens is that if the weather improves you will find the lens to intense, Example HERE.  A Cat 2 amber lens, given many different names, LST, Persimmon is a better option. This is a good intermediate lens good for low light and if the weather improves you can still use it, Example HERE.

The next stage is a single goggle that can be used in dull and bright condition and there are a couple of way this can be achieved. The first method is a goggle with an interchangeable lens option, one lens for low light, the second lens for bright conditions Example HERE. Following on is a single goggle with a single lens that reacts to light, the lens will darken depending on the brightness of the condition, Example HERE

All that is fine, but lets say you need prescription lenses. No problem, all the goggles we have linked to are capable of taking an optical insert, Example HERE. You don’t like optical inserts, what are your options now. Well you can get a goggle that has a prescription lens directly mounted in the frame. The vision is so good with this kind of goggle you could quite happily sit and watch TV wearing them, Example HERE

We think that covers most of the options, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call. Don’t forget if you live in our around the Manchester area, then why not visit our showroom. You can see and try all the goggles and lenses discussed.

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